Imperial County

2021 Annual Report

The Imperial County Air Pollution Control District has released its 2021 Annual Report summarizing Permitting & Enforcement activities. For a copy of the report please click “Learn More”

Imperial County

The ICAPCD Bulletin (1st Quarter 2023)

The Official Newsletter of Imperial County Air Pollution Control District for the 1st Quarter of 2023. Topics discussed: Committee Members Needed, Lawn Equipment Exchange Program, and more…

Imperial County

Imperial County AB 617 Community

The Imperial County AB 617 Community Corridor for El Centro-Heber-Calexico is now accepting applications to be a part of the Community Steering Committee

Imperial County


The California Air Pollution Control Officers Association has released the updated Handbook for analyzing Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions, Assessing Climate Vulnerabilities, and Advancing Health and Equity. The handbook is designed for local governments, communities and project developers.

Prescribed Fire

Managing Risk & Restoring California’s Landscape

What is Prescribed Fire?

Prescribed fire (or prescribed burning) is the planned and controlled application of fire to the land, under specified, low-risk weather conditions. Prescribed fire has a long history in California. Native American tribes have used it on their lands for centuries. Prescribed fire is one of the most important tools land and forest managers use today to reduce wildfire hazards, clear excess vegetation, control plant diseases, improve wildlife habitats and restore natural ecosystems.


Mitigation plan for historically high wind events

The 1st update to the “High Wind Fugitive Dust Exceptional Events Mitigation Plan”

has been completed. The next update to the plan is scheduled for 2025.

Should you have comments, mitigation suggestions or concerns please contact our office at (442) 265-1800 or email Monica Soucier. To view the Final update click “More Information”

Report an Air Quality Complaint

The quickest and most efficient way to submit an air quality complaint is to call the Air District at (442) 265-1800,

or click More Info to submit your complaint online.

Burn Status:

Today is a Burn Day


From: 12:00 PM

To: 03:00 PM


AM Hours: SW 5

PM Hours: S 5

For any questions contact APCD at (442) 265-1800 or (888) 547-2876

For additional information visit our Agricultural Burning webpage


ALL burning in Imperial County MUST have prior Authorization from the Air District. You must call (442) 265-1800 for AUTHORIZATION prior to any burn.

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Planning and Monitoring

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AB 617, Grants and Border

Israel Hernandez

APCD Project Manager

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APC Special Projects Coordinator I

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Administrative Analyst II

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APC Special Projects Coordinator I